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About EcoSparkle

Who we are & what we do…

EcoSparkle Car Wash (Pty) Ltd is an environmentally friendly mobile car wash company that is committed to offering clients a professional high quality service at a reasonable price. This is achieved by combining the use of top quality and internationally acclaimed waterless car wash products and professionally trained car washers.

Our model has many beneficiaries along the value chain, our client, our direct customers and our car washers. Our car washers are given an opportunity to acquire skills and earn an income.

Yeah, we admit it, we just love washing your car!

Given that waterless car washing is not an entirely new concept, having been in use in developed countries for over a decade, its usage is still limited and concentrated around Gauteng in water-scarce South Africa. EcoSparkle intends to offer a high quality and efficient countrywide service.

Value proposition.

EcoSparkle waterless carwash service is a convenient service that delivers a superior and environmental friendly car cleaning compared to a traditional car wash. We offer a unique mobile carwash service that is distinguished by a waterless technique (water usage is limited to about 1 litre per car for rinsing microfiber towels). A proven biodegradable solution (biodegradability certification available on request) is used in the car cleaning process. The technique saves between 150 and 250 litres of water that is required to wash a car in the traditional way.

So, why use our service?

The convenient nature of our operations means that our carwash service is not restricted to any specific area of a parking. Our washers will be available wherever customers choose to park their cars. Customers are not required to drive to a specific area of the parking to have their cars washed.

  • The entire EcoSparkle operation is designed to provide customers with the quickest, most convenient high quality carwash.
  • Every site is managed by a trained site manager assisted by a team of supervisors.
  • Car washers are fully trained to apply our unique car cleaning method.
  • The system is quick, convenient, no queuing, no time wasted. Once customers have completed their business they have a sparkling clean car. Our objective is to provide our customers with a carwash they can trust, a carwash that leaves their cars with superb long lasting shine.

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